Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Endorses Jim Banks for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District

ATLANTA, Ga. – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin today released the following statement, announcing that the Super PAC associated with the nation’s largest Tea Party group has endorsed Jim Banks for the GOP nomination in Indiana’s 3rd congressional district.

“Jim Banks is a strong constitutional conservative who will fight for greater personal and economic freedom and a debt-free future. He considers legislation with a simple question: Will this law grow government, or not? He wants to cut taxes to create new and better jobs, reduce spending to leave more money in the hands of America’s families, and shrink the debt so we don’t overburden future generations. He led the fight to repeal Common Core in the state legislature, opposes any pathway to legalization or amnesty for those who broke our laws getting here, supports the Penny Plan as a means to balance the budget and a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution as the means to keep the budget balanced, and supports term limits for Members of Congress.

“As important, Jim has been a member of the Indiana state legislature for more than five years now. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he’s walked the walk – he has a proven record across the board on all the issues we care about. It’s a record of fighting to shrink government and cut taxes, take power back from the bureaucrats and put it into the hands of families and small businesses, and even standing up to GOP leaders when he believed they were wrong. We know he has the courage necessary to stand firm in his convictions, and it’s impossible to overstate the need for that kind of intestinal fortitude to do your job right in Washington.

“On behalf of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, I am pleased to endorse Jim Banks for the GOP nomination for Congress in Indiana’s 3rd district, and I urge all Indiana 3rd district voters to vote for him in next week’s primary election.”

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is committed to equipping grassroots activists at the state and local level with the tools and resources needed to hold elected officials and government accountable and elect new and qualified candidates. For more information, visit www.teapartypatriotscitizensfund.com.